As a unique baroque city which is unparalleled, Ludwigsburg inspires visitors from far beyond the country’s borders! The whole city is dominated by straight, wide streets which intersect at right angles, lined with typical contemporary houses. The lively shopping streets with the Baroque market square invite you to take a leisurely stroll. However, in the centre of the city there is a very special gem: the magnificent Royal Palace, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually from around the world.

Ludwigsburg Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest surviving original Baroque castles in Germany, whose construction was initiated in 1704 by the Duke of Wuerttemberg, Eberhard Ludwig. Inside, visitors can stroll through princely state rooms from two different centuries, from Baroque to Rococo to Classicism.

Surrounding the palace is a huge park, which has acquired a reputation as a “Blooming Baroque” area and has become a popular destination for excursions.

The palace also has four museums.

The Baroque Gallery

The baroque gallery houses more than 150 masterpieces by German and Italian artists from the 17th and 18th century, including unique works by Johann Heinrich Schonfeld, Balthasar Denner and Christian Seybold.

The Palace Theatre

The oldest preserved palace theatre in Europe with original stage technology offers annual opera productions of the Stuttgart House and numerous other events for up to 350 spectators, delighting its guests now as it did in the past.

The “panshard”, a central axis below the stage, enables an instantaneous change of the stage whilst keeping the curtain open and leading to surprise of the contemporary audience. 140 original scenes and decoration pieces are still preserved. Reconstructions of the original sound equipment make the illusion perfect.

The Ceramics Museum

The upper floor of the new main building hosts an extensive porcelain and ceramic collection, including pieces by the porcelain manufacturers Meissen, Nymphenburg and Vienna, which have been provided by Wuerttemberg State Museum.

The Fashion Museum

A collection of European clothing from two centuries has also come from Württemberg state Museum, which is on display at the Fashion Museum in the former Festin building of the palace. Visitors can admire around 700 original items of clothing and accessories from the 18th to 20th century on 2 levels.

The Ludwigsburg Palace is completed by other magnificent buildings from the past: the hunting and summer castle Favourite, and the romantic Monrepos Seeschloss are also a source of amazement in Ludwigsburg.


The small palace Monrepos (fr. “My peace”), which is idyllically situated by a small lake, was built in the Rococo style on the initiative of Duke Carl Eurgen in the years 1758 to 1764. Duke Frederick II renovated and equipped it in a classic style. The area surrounding the palace is charming; there you can discover the remains of the Diana Fountain, a former officers building with historic stables, trees which are over 200 years old, and more.

Hunting and summer castle Favorite

The hunting and summer castle Favorite, which was completed in 1723, is situated close to the Royal Palace. The palace can be visited as part of a guided tour and inspires its visitors with its baroque facade, artistic murals and the surrounding nature and wildlife park.


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